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The Vicmar Solution

With over 45 years of practical marine engineering experience and in collaboration with our clients, Vicmar has developed an Engine Washing System for main and auxiliary engines

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Main Engine Schematic

    The Vicmar Engine Washing System

  • Utilizes custom cleaning injectors for air cooler, air intake manifold, intake ports/valves, and turbocharger ( blower and turbine )

  • Hot water sprayed at high intensity through the specially designed injectors

  • Cleaning of the air side of the turbocharger ( blower) and the air cooler is carried out simultaneously

  • Stainless steel water tank customized to the size of the turbocharger and air cooler

  • Electrical heater with automatic control panel

  • Water distribution valves for simple operation

  • System can be operated manually or fully automatically

Key Advantages of the Vicmar Engine Washing System

  • Simultaneous washing of air side of the turbocharger ( blower side) and air cooler on the daily basis operation, while engine is running at the full load, prevents any deposits from settling between the air cooler fins

  • Specially design and properly installed the required number of cleaning injectors into air cooler trunk, ensure the complete and effective water atomization over the entire surface of the air cooler

  • Allows to maintain the air cooler, air intake manifolds, intake valves/ports , air side of turbocharger in clean condition at all times, resulting in required air flow to the cylinders, which in turn provides:

      1. Proper combustion
      2. Fuel saving in 3-4%
      3. Substantial savings in maintenance costs
      4. Eliminate expenses on chemicals
      5. Eliminate engine down time for cleaning air cooler
  • Usage of hot water (as opposed to chemicals) increases combustion and fuel efficiency

  • A calculated amount of hot water depending on the size of the air cooler is injected for complete effectiveness

  • Elimination of human error associated with chemical mixing and operations

  • Differential pressure across the air coolers does not increase

  • Eliminates the need for costly air cooler removal and chemical cleaning during dry-dock

  • Lower exhaust gas temperatures and reduction of thermal stresses on engine parts

The Engine Washing System is also recommended for auxiliary engines, as in most cases the manufacturers do not provide a cleaning system for these engines.
Thus, an installation of the Vicmar Engine Washing System will┬ámaintain the auxiliary engine intake and exhaust valves, air intake manifolds, combustion chambers, air coolers and turbochargers in “as new” clean conditions. The process also reduces exhaust gas temperatures, saves money on spare parts, and reduces fuel consumption.