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Worldwide Installation

Vicmar offers worldwide installation using our in house technical staff. The most convenient time to install washing system for main engine is when vessel is at the shipyard for dry-docking or repair. During this period, the air coolers are already dismantled and cooling elements are removed and sent for cleaning. The ideal time to install our special cleaning injectors is after the air cooler has been cleaned.

At dry-dock, turbochargers also are dismantled for their regular overhaul and therefore this is the best time to carry out the turbocharger nozzle ring modification. However, the installation of washing system for auxiliary engines as well as the turbocharger nozzle ring modification can be done at any time while the vessel is stationed in port or at anchor.

Time required to:

  1. Install washing system for main engine – approximately 2-3 days;
  2. Install washing system for auxiliary engines – approximately 2-3 days;
  3. Installation of the washing system for main and auxiliary engines at the same time – approximately 4 days
  4. Carry out turbocharger nozzle ring modification for main engine with 2 turbochargers – approximately 1 day ( provided, that the turbochargers are already dismantled and nozzle rings are out)
  5. Carry out turbocharger nozzle ring modification for 3 auxiliary engines – approximately 2-3 days.

Approximately one week is required for us to manufacture all major components for the washing system. The following information is required for washing system design and manufacturing:

  • Type of main/auxiliary engines
  • Type of turbochargers
  • Main engine/auxiliary engines power
  • Number of air coolers installed on a main engine
  • Size of the air coolers (length and width)
  • Source of electrical lighting power in engine room ( 110V or 220V).

In order to carry out turbocharger nozzle ring modification for main/auxiliary engines the following information is required:

  • Shop test data or sea trial data at the time, when vessel was build
  • Present operational data at the max operational load


Both the Vicmar Engine Washing System and Turbocharger Nozzle Ring Modification require no regular servicing an we are proud that in our 27 years of business, we have not had any service issues.

However, if a service issue does arise we will send our installation engineer’s anywhere in the world at our cost to rectify the issue