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The Problem

It is well known during the operation of supercharged engines, a gradual deterioration of performance occurs. One of the main causes is fouling
of the turbochargers and air coolers. The most intensive growth of the
deposit layer takes place during the first 50-200 hours of operation.

Deposits accumulated in the air coolers create the most significant problem, as they restrict the required air flow to the cylinders, resulting in

  • Poor combustion

  • Decrease of scavenging air pressure and volume of air suppled into cylinders

  • Increase of the exhaust gas temperatures

  • Higher thermal stresses on the engine

  • Increased fuel consumption

Existing Washing System Challenges

  • The washing system for the turbocharger (blower) is designed and supplied by the¬†turbocharger manufacturer

  • The washing system for the air cooler is designed and supplied by the¬†engine manufacturer

  • These two systems are contradictory. The washing system for the blower removes the deposits but transfers these deposits to the air cooler

  • The air cooler is not washed until there is an observed change in differential air pressure. During this window, the deposits have already built up on the fins and tubes of the air cooler