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Our Story

Headquartered in Vancouver, Vicmar Engineering Ltd is a Canadian company founded in 1991 by Victor Mezheritsky. During his 16 years as a chief engineer, Victor experienced first hand the ineffectiveness of standard washing systems provided by the turbocharger and air cooler manufacturers.  Imagining it was possible for a better process to prevent turbocharger and air cooler fouling, Victor set out to create a simple, and effective washing system. Having patented the technology in 1991, Victor installed the first Vicmar Washing System on the Queen of Alberni, operated by BC Ferries who realized a $150,000 fuel savings during the first year. In the same year, British Columbia’s largest tugboat operator, Seaspan International installed the Vicmar System on the Seaspan Greg, and reported a fuel savings of 3%. Cargill became Vicmar’s first international client with the installation on the bulk carrier Papago in 1991 and subsequently installed the system on 43 of their owned vessels.  As the reputation of the Vicmar Washing System grew, the company expanded its international client base partnering with shipowners and managers who placed a high priority on fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Over the past 30 years. the company has enjoyed long term client partnerships cemented by the reputation, and tangible results produced by the Vicmar Engine Washing System.

“As a solutions provider addressing turbocharger and air cooler fouling, client satisfaction is at the heart of our company. In todays market where energy and cost efficiencies are of utmost importance, we are confident that our clients will continue to see Vicmar as the partner of choice for a measurable, and cost effective solution.”

Victor Mezheritsky M.Sc, C/Eng, MCMS, MCIMARE
Founder and President

Diploma from Murmansk Marine Engineering Academy

First Class Marine Engineer Certificate

Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors

Vicmar Engineering’s first letter of reference from Finning (Caterpillar Engine Supplier, Seaspan Greg)
Finning Letter of Reference

Lloyds List articles during the early years of the company
Lloyds List Article February 1992
Lloyd’s List Article August 1993